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watcher feature thing  :) -
Part 1

part 2

part 3 of a journal thing i did before (i make them after get about 20+ more :p )

*a kind of feature :D i'd actually feature properly if i could but no subbie :( ah well, whatever.
i'll just put what they're like c:*

:iconshadow-warr10r:> Has cool photos and love storys <

:iconeinherjar114:> Does very pretty anime/manga drawings and also made me this picture* :heart: <

:iconharmony06:> Does vectors, linearts, colouring, photos, pretty much anything :D they're all really good <

:iconsoapyllama:> Mostly does cute drawings of the characters from happy tree friends, i like her pixel stuff best :D <

:iconruka-00:> I watched her first :giggle: has really cool digital drawings in anime style :) <

:iconcryej:> Again i watched her first because she had a contest up :) she has a comic thing she does =P <

:iconseren-of-night:> Pretty much emoness but they're done well :) <

:iconchiarylovehouse95:> Her gallery's stuffed with House icons :D does some drawings aswell though <

:iconcrystalethelstein:> Into dark stuff :p she colours well and also makes jewlery :) <

:iconshinyoshiri:> Only has 2 drawings but they're pretty good 8) <

:iconsquirryl:> Has nice photos and does cosplay stuff :nod: <

:iconalyrist:> Wicked Cool stamps :D (mostly BBC stuff) and sketches<

:iconneondyprosium2:> Does alot of manga style sketches, does great work with Ms paint<

:iconrosalina34:> Has nintendo fanart (mostly Rosalina) all cute :3 <

:iconramenuzumaki:> He requested a picture from me and has been one of my watchers since. all Naruto fanart :)<

:iconniikii-rocks:> Does fanart in traditionals, they're all really cool and well done :D<

:iconkm33:> Draws robotic stuff *digital*, and paints :D they're all pretty stunning *-* <

:iconmayu-hiruno:> Has really cute art :meow: i drew *This* for her :D she's nice<

:iconmisssbarbie:> Umm i think she used one of my textures then watched me ^^; she makes alot of digital art using stock :)<

:iconbloodsharingan:> She requested i draw her a picture of her oc (Kiro). She draws her Oc mostly<

:icondoofusmaximus:> Lotsa Harry Potter works in traditionals 8) <

:iconhtymsiti:> Has pretty photos, digital stuff, and some other drawings, but i'm most intrested in the instruments :nod:<

:iconarteylover:> Has home photos but usually makes those "avatar maker" things<

:iconprincecharmingloki:> Usually it's just home pictures but she also colours well<

:iconisabella-elric:> As with the others she has alot of home pictures, but also does fanart :)<

:icontheymightbejv:> Draws stuff with Ms paint (fanart of cartoons) and is obsessed with his face :giggle: *i'm joking*<

:iconmisspretty-4:> Takes beautiful photos :D also makes wall papers<

:iconnarutobleachhellsing:> Only has 3 pictures *in pencil* but they're pretty neat :) <

:iconmoarwafflesplz:> Does sketches of cute things :meow: i like her icons best :)<

:icontwinkleprincess3108:> All MS paint cuteness with balloons 8)<

:iconkismittens:> A little like :iconniikii-rocks: in style but's clearer :)<

:iconacacin:> Uhh... ignore the icon eh ^^; but he's a pretty good artist :)<

:iconbanana102:> has very pretty, atmospheric photos :D<

:iconfrittle:> She just joined DA but what she's done so far's cute ^^<

:iconsagitt000:> Does beautiful pictures in both digital and traditional :D<

:iconbamabelle2012:> Has pictures of animals in both traditional and digital. i'm not really into that kind of stuff but they're done pretty well :)<

:iconcranenoir:> Just started but has really, i don't really want to say it again but, cool pictures in digital :D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Do List~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Make stamps.
Read that book.
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einherjar114 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Y-you feature me... :iconawwwplz:
I never got featured before T_T

thank you so much!! :tighthug:
scribblin Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
^^ welcome :tighthug:
Ramenuzumaki Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009  Professional Artist
yes i agree
your style is amazing and your work looks very good ^^

sucks you wont be submitting anything new :(
was going to ask if i could make a request :P
scribblin Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
:iconconfusedplz: i didn't say i wouldn't be making any art anymore, i just said i wouldn't be making my comic for a while :p

and thanks :D

you can make a request :nod:
what would you like?
Ramenuzumaki Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009  Professional Artist
oh its just your COMIC :O
oki i note you :)
MediumGuitarHero Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009
hmm, almost 4got u were making a comic. I wasn't able 2 comment on your latest pictures, like china girl, and I have 2 say, ur getting very good! it looks very professional! :clap:
scribblin Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
thank you :glomp:
MediumGuitarHero Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2009
ur very welcome!
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