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July 8, 2009


a kind of feature :D i'd actually feature properly if i could but no subbie :( ah well, whatever.

i'll just put what they're like c:

:iconhappyhatty:> my first watcher :w00t: all her pictures are kawaii :3 <

:iconclassic-ice:> works with pencils, inks, and some digital stuff. also naruto dojinshi :D <

:iconitachei:> she does digital dojinshi and ocs :D plus she comments on pretty much everything i do ^^ she's neat <

:iconlionheart92d:> poetry stuff <

:iconbennhawker:> flash stuff :3 <

:iconrandomkween:> i really like her style of manga :D the backgrounds are fantastic ;p <

:icontamait:> she's pretty inactive now but she does anime screen shots and stuff <

:iconmediumguitarhero:> i colour his work (well his sisters anyway :shrug: ) lots of kissy stuff with naruhina and sakusasu <

:iconthelurkerofdoom:> has digital, traditional, lineart, she does everything ;p <

:icontatababy:> perfect fanart of animes :D <

:iconseto2112:> does alot of nature and animal photos but also does some anime <

:iconeattherainbow:> her style is...? well she's good at both traditional and digital :D <

:icon1000yen:> the stuff that she draws with MS paint is just :wow: it's fantastic and i have no idea how she does it <

:iconatata:> has a manga style, dojinshi, and arty drawings :D <

:iconhq4777:> makes disturbing comics :laughing: <

:iconawesome360:> emooooo :whisper:. but does some pretty good patterns and those shiny things that usually spiral... i forget what they're called :confused: <

:iconsiniea:> is a gamer girl :w00t: does anime and realism :D nice girl <

:iconovr-rated:> takes lots of pictures of people, places, things, and animals. also does some wrighting and fan art <

:iconcompactninja:> :iconhq4777:'s cousin. he likes to draw... murder? i guess and has screen shots of a game thingy he does <

:iconclickwoman2:> is spam, don't go there<

:iconthesumofpotatoes218:> has a really cool, dark style :D in digital <

:iconalessandromanicone:> :whisper: i have a weird kind of crush on this guy ^^; but only in the sence that i admire him and his style :blush: it's artsy photography <

:iconoaamiwolf:> has pictures of her pets and lots of drawings of wolfs (you wouldn't have guessed from the name "oaamiwolf" would you :giggle: ) <

:iconrosalierox:> nice girl :D has photos of everything and poetry <

:iconcrazypalette:> anime. mostly naruto, really cool :J <

:iconecesb:> i don't know how to explane her style of photography but it's pretty <

:iconserialflopper:> wonderful textures :D <

:iconhayashisumiko-chan:> has a nice water colours :D <

:iconprincess-phara:> has a very sweet style in traditionals :] <

:iconbellette:> naruto, bleach, and teen titan dojinshi comics! :w00t: <

:iconbubble-fan:> mostly nintendo stuff. he has alot of stories and fanart <

:icona-wing:> does alot of requests. has an anime-ish style. i like her digital work most :nod: <

:icongreychocolate:> i colour her work :iconyayzplz: she has anime fanart and gaia pics <

:iconlokipan:> has beautiful pictures of nature and animals <

:iconbluetown19:> has a really cool manga style in traditional style :D very pleasing to the eye <

:iconjericho-arcane:>uhhh...well if you like yaoi? pretty hair :] nice guy to :D made :iconpeter-hugplz: account<

:icontopmagazine:> has a brilliant anime style... and a kitty :giggle: <

:iconroncb:> has cool textures and photos <

:iconvegetarian15:> has pictures of cats, dolls, and an american style of cartoon drawing<

:iconlightpurge:> he's got alot of naruto fanart, neat stamps and avatars :D <

:iconxxxheartbreakxxx:>has digital drawings and emoticons :iconweekenddanceplz: <

:iconk-rim-startimes2:> has poster like digitals and strong, vibrant colours. he also has textures and got a DD <

:iconem-s5:> mostly has pictures of animals and nature(the flower ones are my favorite) but also has some pretty cute drawings (: <

:iconjaimed1968:> wrights a story called "The Inu-Ookami Hanyou" and "Uptown Girl" but also has pretty pictures of animals :D<

:iconparanormal-state:> mostly pokemon and anime but is a nice style :) <

:iconangelsoulmates:> big on romance :giggle: good in every style ;p <

:iconnakamo:> i like his stamps best :p war stuff <

:icondemon-pirate:> mah brudder :iconjarryplz: lots of photos and zombie/demon stuff <


:iconcolor-me-club::iconthe-labyrinth-club::icontherealdavidbowie::iconnintendo-fc::iconpeach-club::iconportalloversclub: :icontutorialsclub::iconmuse-club: :iconlowtech-artists: :iconfelinefans: :iconclassicrock: :iconwliiaclub: :iconthe-stewie-griffins: :iconscrubs-club: :iconkittycatsclub: :iconblackandwhiteclub: :iconthepencilclub: :iconbrian-griffin-club: :iconfreeavatarproject:

:icondivider-2:Naruto clubs:icondivider-2:
:iconhyuugahinatafc: :iconnarutochibisclub: :iconlee-fc: :iconlove-lee-club: :iconnaruhina-lovers-club: :iconnaruto-boys-club: :iconnaruto-ninjafanclub: :iconnarutoxhinata-club: :iconnejiten-fanclub: :iconwe-love-gaara-club: :iconnaruhina--sasusaku: :iconrlfc: :iconnaruto-ninja-fc:

:icondivider-2:T.V clubs:icondivider-2:
:iconichihimeclub: :iconavatarfanclub:  :iconall-out-avatar: :iconavatar-fan: :iconfg-club: :iconmontypython: :iconadult-swim-club: :iconthe-simpsons-club:



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